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克糖王 Ktw D2 Guard

克糖王 Ktw D2 Guard

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What is KTW?

“KTW” is made using modern technology with a natural non-alcohol herbal formula. This product assist by nourishing the pancreas, kidney and liver. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin (the main hormones that helps to regulate blood glucose levels). With a 100% natural herbal formula, “KTW” has no known side effects. “KTW” is suitable for anyone 12 years and above. It has other added health benefits such as:


• Strengthens Bones and Waist

• Eases Joint Pain and Discomfort

• Improves Quality of Sleep

• Improves Energy Level

• Reduce Inflammation (Muscle Inflammation,Arthritis).


什么是”克糖王”(KTW) ?

”克糖王”能补益肝肾, 滋润胰脏和辅助维持胰脏的功能, 健康的胰脏能够正常的分泌胰岛素, 使得血糖平衡。作为纯天然草本, 无酒精的保健饮品, 此产品适合男女老幼饮用, 也对糖尿病者非常有益。 它还有其他保健功效:

• 健骨利关节

• 帮组舒缓关节酸痛

• 让人睡得安稳

• 精神奕奕

• 增强活力

• 消炎 (肌肉发炎,关节炎)